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Chameleon understands the success of any direct mail campaign is “in the details.” Understanding that every piece sent out is a potential opportunity, we take pride in our strategics withChameleon Custom Solutions Direct Mail and VDP our clients to produce targeted campaigns with measurable results.

Our philosophy is simple. “RESULTS”. We understand that more is not always better. Testing campaigns prior to launching has always been at the forefront of our business. With our team of designers and data programmers, we consistently test campaigns with the use of personalized landing pages, variable QR codes, variable data printing including variable imaging, data mining, and versioning to determine what creates the most buzz for your business.

Personalized landing pages, or PURLs, are very effective in marketing. Implementing a PURL on your direct mail piece helps increase return on investment because it is specific to a specific customer or group of customers. Keep PURLs easy to remember and simple to ensure prospects will use it. Tracking PURLs helps you know exactly who is accessing your website, when they are accessing the site, and what they are doing once they are on your site. With this knowledge, you can schedule appropriate follow up plans.

QR codes can grow your business. A Quick Response code (QR code) is the popular square of squares seen on a lot of print material in today’s marketing. These squares contain alphanumeric information. Scanning this square with a smart phone scanner will bring your prospect directly to the website of your choice, or activate a number of phone functions including email, text message, and instant message. You can even have the QR Code take the prospect to your social media channel of choice.

Variable data printing including variable imaging is a cost effective choice for direct mail. For example, if your data indicates half of your prospects prefer the Ford Mustang, and the other half prefer the Chevrolet Camaro: wouldn’t it be nice to send a mail piece with their preferred vehicle? Variable data imaging accomplishes this beautifully. Variable data doesn’t stop with images, the text of your mail piece can include variable data. Address your prospect by his or her name. In the body copy, indicate your prospects current method of transportation, or number of miles on their vehicle.

Data is an important aspect of direct mail. Data mining is the process of analyzing data to discover patterns or relationships. Let Chameleon handle your data mining to ensure success of your next direct mail campaign.

People respond differently to different versions of direct mail. One group may prefer a 6×9 postcard with a lot of color, whereas another group may prefer a 4×6 postcard with very little color. Chameleon will test different versions with the target audience to determine the most effective layout.

Chameleon offers a comprehensive set of direct mail and fulfillment services all under one roof!

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