Start here:

This page will walk you through our process for onboarding a Creative Agency Client.

Start with Branding and Communication then work your way toward tangibles, websites, social media and more.

The Big Picture:

Let’s start with the big picture information we will need before we can begin to talk about the best print piece, or what social platform they need to be on.


It all starts here. Can’t really recommend who a person should date without a little info about them. We need info about branding and identity in order to do ANYTHING ELSE. 

Branding Intake

Target Audience + Goals

We could set our clients up with tweens, twenty-somethings or aged veterans who served in a war. But without knowing who their core audience truly is, they may be surfing in the wrong crowd.

Target Audience Intake

The Details:

This is where we get down to our more specific strategic approach. We really hone in on some deliverables in a more narrow and targeted way.

Questions about each of these in order to understand what we’re delivering might lead to opportunities for expanding into another deliverable.

Print +

When asking about print, it’s important to identify other needs that traditional media, EDDM, Signs, Billboards, etc could benefit by expanding into.

Web Site

It’s very important to know how it’s going to be used. So when we build you a site, we aren’t just building something pretty… we are making sure we are creating a storefront that will convert the traffic we are sending your way.

Social Media

It’s very important to know how much of a role the client wants to take in tandem to our role in delivering on a social media strategy.

Social Media Intake