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At CCS Marketing, we believe that every experience should be a memorable experience. Our team has developed a unique approach to solving complex marketing issues facing businesses. Our Marketing Fusion strategy blends digital marketing with traditional marketing to create seamless, measurable, enjoyable experiences for businesses and individuals. 

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Our Vision

To empower individuals and businesses by helping them design their future and achieve their vision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations by consulting and educating clients on the importance of using creative, targeted, and relevant marketing collateral to drive revenue for their businesses.

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We are, first and foremost . . . Human

Only when we embrace our humanity
can we truly become something great as a company.

We know what it’s like running a small business. Most of us here at CCS have owned a business or two before. We understand how hard it is, not only to find time to market your company in a traditional sense, but also stay on top of current trends and technologies. Each year… month… week… marketing is moving faster and evolving, and it’s a lot to keep up with.

Carolyn Lawson
Carolyn LawsonCEO
Carolyn is a proud and powerful woman. Her humble beginnings had nothing on her tenacious spirit. When she sets her mind to something, it is going to happen. This is what makes her a born leader, and she does so with passion and sacrifice. Whatever the cost, she delivers on what she promises.
Chris Lawson
Chris LawsonVP of Sales
Chris prides himself on identifying and taking on complex client projects. With a passion for problem-solving, he prides himself on fusing necessary techniques together to help clients achieve their goals.
Jason Crawford
Jason CrawfordCreative Director
Jason is a weird one. That’s the cost of being a Creative Director, though— right? It’s very difficult to label him or put him in a box. He creates from so far outside the box, that we sometimes wonder if there is such a thing as “the box.” He’s Intense. Tenacious. Brilliant.
Kristen Piazza
Kristen PiazzaVP of Communications
Kristen spends much of her time developing creative and relevant brand messaging for not only for internal communication, but for clients as well. Her attention and detail and creative problem-solving skills prove critical to helping clients drive success. ​

Your Brand is Our Business… It’s about YOU and Us

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