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What is “The Playbook?”

After having a discovery call with you, we research your marketing footprint, assess how you’re doing and compare it to what your competition looks like online. Then, based on what we find, we educate you on where you currently stand, and make recommendations for next steps and quick wins to help you grow and reach your goals

What you get in the Playbook

In simplest terms, the Playbook is a report of where your marketing currently stands and recommendations of where you can improve. We do a comparison of what your competition is doing, not to copy them but to get a grasp on what your potential clients are seeing when they are searching for your type of services and what in the online landscape could influence them to choose one business over another.

  • Reputation report
  • Website assessment
  • Review of your existing marketing
  • A plan to reach active and passive potential customers

What you will learn:

  • Where (geographically) you are actually ranking
  • Search volume for your KEYWORDS
  • What important pieces of your marketing are missing
  • Where your biggest opportunities are at this stage

What We Do . . .




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    • Recommend strategies and tactics to help you get more customers
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