The Client

REED & REED is a personal injury law firm in Brandon, FL. They started as a small father and son operation and have grown to over 10 employees in the last few years.

This is how we helped them do it.

The Challenge

REED & REED had been spending marketing budget on billboards, television commercials and SEO. Only a tiny fraction of attention was being given to social media as their search engine blog articles would get automatically posted there. It was a ghost town.

The Solution

We started with a focus on organic reach to bring forward their brand’s personality and put it on display. The goal was to allow those who really liked what they saw to share it and organically grow the audience through curating content for the audience they wanted to grow. And use that content to impress and attract more of the same audience base. 

After the initial growth more than doubled and the page had an audience, it was time to start bringing in all other forms of advertising to use the same branding so their brand had one cohesive message. 

Finally, we pushed for allocated budget toward online advertising targeted after the audience that was similar to the one we had grown organically. The impression and engagement explosion was truly phenomenal. 

The Results

Overall REED & REED have experienced exponential growth online with a community of followers that are local and highly engaged. They used to have a ghost town presence, and now it’s common for something posted to get hundreds of interactions. 

Being top of mind is critical because the nature of Personal Injury Law is that you don’t need it until you do. Then you call on the name you can remember. Increased exposure and awareness are the goals.

When the phone rings and they ask how they heard about Reed & Reed it is now more common for them to hear, “we saw you online.”

The Process

How we achieved results.



Average Daily Clicks on Call-to-Action elements on page and ads (message, website visit, ask for directions, call):

0 Actions 2016
3 Actions 2019


Number of people who had Reed & Reed’s Page post on their screen daily from paid ads or post boosting.

0 Daily 2016
10K Daily 2019


Number of people who had Reed & Reed’s Page post on their screen daily withOUT paid advertising or boosting.

19 Daily 2016
116 Daily 2019


Average Daily Video Views in a 28-day period.

37 Views 2016
368.5k Views 2019


Page Likes – pretty straight forward metric, right?

420 Likes 2016
1201 Likes 2019


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